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Last 200 Articles

185056 In Us We Trust softerware english (Edit-Delete)
185055 The Ultimate Sex Goddess Durango english (Edit-Delete)
185053 Dearest Hallmark softerware english (Edit-Delete)
185049 Vernal Durango english (Edit-Delete)
185043 Edger Durango english (Edit-Delete)
185041 Turned My Sound Up MoonlitAngel english (Edit-Delete)
185039 To all at YPDC softerware english (Edit-Delete)
185023 Downstairs softerware english (Edit-Delete)
185014 Say, WHAT? softerware english (Edit-Delete)
185010 Silence nightwolf english (Edit-Delete)
185008 I/'/m America/'/s worst Driver randyjohnson english (Edit-Delete)
185005 This War, This Life MoonlitAngel english (Edit-Delete)
185001 Faccia Bello Deidra_Carmichael english (Edit-Delete)
184997 Third Person Durango english (Edit-Delete)
184994 KINDNESS (THE EASTER GIFT) banjosandwitch english (Edit-Delete)
184992 Destiny nightwolf english (Edit-Delete)
184989 Castilian conquest softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184987 Making Love softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184984 Let Her Cry spike english (Edit-Delete)
184981 I Am Nobody unknown_utopia english (Edit-Delete)
184973 Fight Night Buggsy english (Edit-Delete)
184968 The Parador Durango english (Edit-Delete)
184963 Being Unique Is Better Ratneshpandey english (Edit-Delete)
184962 The Boulder invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184961 The storyteller softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184960 Artist nightwolf english (Edit-Delete)
184958 Little Sweet Star Durango english (Edit-Delete)
184956 -1 nightwolf english (Edit-Delete)
184951 NO WONDER WERE emystar english (Edit-Delete)
184945 Women Durango english (Edit-Delete)
184644 Demons of Poverty Franco english (Edit-Delete)
184633 Empathy Prevails Redwest802 english (Edit-Delete)
184631 A New Day jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184630 The Unwanted Guest softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184627 Prophecy northernlights english (Edit-Delete)
184620 Loves Red Feast Sirath english (Edit-Delete)
184613 No escape alicewhite english (Edit-Delete)
184601 A Diet of Red Pills invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184593 The Staircase softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184592 My Sum of Some Summits xHeathenx english (Edit-Delete)
184589 My Second Ocean sicknivesevered english (Edit-Delete)
184587 Sole Soul//'//s Soles xHeathenx english (Edit-Delete)
184583 Withdraw MoonlitAngel english (Edit-Delete)
184578 The Big 7-0 randyjohnson english (Edit-Delete)
184577 Our Country waynster english (Edit-Delete)
184575 Apocalyptic Sun banjosandwitch english (Edit-Delete)
184560 The Shadows Of My Mind waynster english (Edit-Delete)
184539 Glitter in the Rubble MoonlitAngel english (Edit-Delete)
184473 When I say I am a rape survivor Sbhottie288 english (Edit-Delete)
184472 Unlike You jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184471 I am not a novelist! softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184470 Rose of Sharon Cathartic english (Edit-Delete)
184464 Running Out Of Time jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184463 A Salute to Handymen softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184457 not Another Brick In The Wall: (the Great American Success Story) ingeniusidiot english (Edit-Delete)
184456 Hope To See akadawny english (Edit-Delete)
184455 Push Forward akadawny english (Edit-Delete)
184454 Make Believe jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184452 People drone english (Edit-Delete)
184451 Ignore it drone english (Edit-Delete)
184450 Praying for Texas 08/29/ 2017 thehotshotpoet english (Edit-Delete)
184449 Still on your knees eh drone english (Edit-Delete)
184448 LIFE IS A FLAME, WAITING TO BE SNUFFED OUT redwest802 english (Edit-Delete)
184447 Donít Hate redwest802 english (Edit-Delete)
184445 Doubling Cape Horn ramfire english (Edit-Delete)
184444 4th randyjohnson english (Edit-Delete)
184440 Looking with curious eyes FireStarter english (Edit-Delete)
184437 California/'/s Pride ramfire english (Edit-Delete)
184435 Real Hip Hop banjosandwitch english (Edit-Delete)
184434 Sleep Well My Darling ramfire english (Edit-Delete)
184433 Gentle Soul ramfire english (Edit-Delete)
184431 Stolen akadawny english (Edit-Delete)
184430 When akadawny english (Edit-Delete)
184429 China Clipper -Rubaiyat ramfire english (Edit-Delete)
184427 Caged drone english (Edit-Delete)
184426 Broken drone english (Edit-Delete)
184425 Giving Up On You jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184424 The American Dream invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184423 Who am I? softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184422 Michael is his name akadawny english (Edit-Delete)
184421 Hope akadawny english (Edit-Delete)
184414 Gossamer Thoughts invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184397 Metallica; Carpe Diem Baby ingeniusidiot english (Edit-Delete)
184334 Privacy lost softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184330 The Moment You Hate Them lydthon15 english (Edit-Delete)
184319 From The Ether To Your Arms! Qas english (Edit-Delete)
184212 Memorial Day 2017 waynster english (Edit-Delete)
184200 No Grand Scheme softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184197 Illusions softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184196 Manchester banjosandwitch english (Edit-Delete)
184195 Searching The Starlit Sky jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184191 My Last Day unknown_utopia english (Edit-Delete)
184190 From by heart to Yours richard_campbell english (Edit-Delete)
184189 wish bone snaps ming english (Edit-Delete)
184188 Too much for me alicewhite english (Edit-Delete)
184187 UN a MUSED softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184186 To an old friend iodinelove english (Edit-Delete)
184185 A feeling blows in the wind winniss english (Edit-Delete)
184178 Taking out the trash softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184177 Never Seen Tomorrow beyfoxman5 english (Edit-Delete)
184176 Envy softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184175 The Master Seller softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184174 Raindrop on the windowpane winniss english (Edit-Delete)
184173 Father jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184172 ... poet17 english (Edit-Delete)
184171 Leaping Lighter invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184170 Love or Money softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184169 Gechwinds rhapsody in blue alicewhite english (Edit-Delete)
184168 Empathy Cognitive Complexity unknown_utopia english (Edit-Delete)
184167 A short murder story softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184166 Through The Faded Memories Of My Mind jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184165 Wishes of Fishes softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184164 Lessons from the Prom softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184158 No More Pie jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184156 Sneer northernlights english (Edit-Delete)
184155 Don/'/t Rest In the Middle beyfoxman5 english (Edit-Delete)
184154 16 Dreams beyfoxman5 english (Edit-Delete)
184153 Eku alicewhite english (Edit-Delete)
184152 THE LAND OF CANTERBURY hray42 english (Edit-Delete)
184151 My eyes hear the stars winniss english (Edit-Delete)
184150 Purple Clock invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184145 Love should be a crime FireStarter english (Edit-Delete)
184144 Tantalizing softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184143 Astral Waltzes and Terran Tangos xHeathenx english (Edit-Delete)
184142 CONTINUE TO SHIFT hray42 english (Edit-Delete)
184141 Perfection of Thunder invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184140 Fallen Sister invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184139 Alabaster xHeathenx english (Edit-Delete)
184138 Resident in time softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184137 Self Teachings softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184136 Whispers softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184135 Dendric Gemini xHeathenx english (Edit-Delete)
184130 anything other Jigget english (Edit-Delete)
184128 Water unknown_utopia english (Edit-Delete)
184127 Mind over matter banjosandwitch english (Edit-Delete)
184126 what if what Jigget english (Edit-Delete)
184125 Struggle to break free Mila english (Edit-Delete)
184124 Undecided Mind Mila english (Edit-Delete)
184123 Empty Heart Mila english (Edit-Delete)
184122 Unique! richard_campbell english (Edit-Delete)
184117 Lust For Life unknown_utopia english (Edit-Delete)
184114 Circle in the square alicewhite english (Edit-Delete)
184113 a lot like magic ming english (Edit-Delete)
184112 Look at this pain alicewhite english (Edit-Delete)
184111 Tick Tock softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184110 In the Out Door softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184109 Syria/Yeman drone english (Edit-Delete)
184108 Old bailey drone english (Edit-Delete)
184107 Life is a STRUGGLE: richard_campbell english (Edit-Delete)
184106 Our Greatest Attribute???? RussellReinhardt english (Edit-Delete)
184105 Wed me Not softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184104 I guess this is my Sylvia alicewhite english (Edit-Delete)
184102 Beast bride of revelation alicewhite english (Edit-Delete)
184101 I don/'/t even have a gas oven alicewhite english (Edit-Delete)
184100 Poisoned Vaccines drone english (Edit-Delete)
184099 The day we die Inside drone english (Edit-Delete)
184095 GHOSTLY DAYS hray42 english (Edit-Delete)
184094 Stolen Son softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184093 Dreaming and Drowning invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184092 Restless Hour. cashfan1 english (Edit-Delete)
184090 Come Out and Play softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184088 None r of the ox alicewhite english (Edit-Delete)
184086 rage and fury Gloomyblu english (Edit-Delete)
184084 Once I Had A Dream jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184079 dancing on my own ming english (Edit-Delete)
184078 Within each moment eggflipper english (Edit-Delete)
184077 Conversations eggflipper english (Edit-Delete)
184076 More Pie jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184075 an empty canvas eggflipper english (Edit-Delete)
184074 The light that seeps through eggflipper english (Edit-Delete)
184073 the returning Cathartic english (Edit-Delete)
184069 lock and key softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184068 Special alicewhite english (Edit-Delete)
184067 Temptation.... RussellReinhardt english (Edit-Delete)
184066 Home softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184065 Tomorrow softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184064 screaming feminism ming english (Edit-Delete)
184063 Three Types of Folks invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184062 Foregiveness invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184061 Walmart jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184060 I Walked Past Your Grave Today invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184059 Liars, back stabbers and downright scum banjosandwitch english (Edit-Delete)
184058 A Bully Is Blind waynster english (Edit-Delete)
184057 Why Sad Poetry waynster english (Edit-Delete)
184056 Walking Away softerware english (Edit-Delete)
184055 Irony invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184054 Return Cathartic english (Edit-Delete)
184053 What Beautiful Works of Art Angelgirl365 english (Edit-Delete)
184052 The Hot Mess of This World invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184051 Rubbing Rocks invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184050 Alone no More FireStarter english (Edit-Delete)
184049 SludgeKicker unknown_utopia english (Edit-Delete)
184048 Taking Your Life waynster english (Edit-Delete)
184047 Dreams Are Our Reality waynster english (Edit-Delete)
184044 A love story FireStarter english (Edit-Delete)
184043 Ill be by your side FireStarter english (Edit-Delete)
184039 Throwback Thursday Cathartic english (Edit-Delete)
184037 Smile Smile Smile invierno english (Edit-Delete)
184036 Lost In A World Of Alice White jamesstockdale english (Edit-Delete)
184035 Unknown drone english (Edit-Delete)
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